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Phone Translation sevices
Increase your company’s ability to communicate with LEP clients while saving time and money with Interp-Via-Tele Live Human Over the Telephone Interpreting in over 160 languages.

Over the Phone Translation Services



M E J Personal Business Services, Inc. developed Interp-via-Tele, Telephone Interpreter Service which combines computer telephonic technology and M E J’s pool of trained and certified professional foreign language interpreters to provide quality accurate over the Telephone Translation Services for Limited English Proficient (LEP) clients in remote locations.

With Interp-via-Tele, the Over the Phone interpreter is off-site providing interpreting services, thereby eliminating interpreter travel costs. It is a safe, confidential, compliant cost-effective and easy-to-use method of providing interpreting services for LEP clients.

Interp-via-Tele offer you access or over 160 languages and is ideal for planned, emergency or unscheduled visits to hospitals, courtrooms and business meetings that require Telephone interpretation services. Combining On-Site Interpreting and Interp-via-Tele can provide a comprehensive, cost-effective and compliant solution that will give your organization maximum coverage.

We have used Interp-via-Tele to to provide Quality Phone Translation services for clients in the Financial, Insurance, Health care, Utilities, Manufacturing , legal, call center support,Transportation Industries and for Government Agencies.

All calls are answered by an operator; that will assist you in selecting the desired language of your client.Give us a call you will be connected to an interpreter of the language of your choice within minutes

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Cost Effective
Simple to use
On Demand Communication
with LEP Clients

M E J starts by providing clients with certified, professional and qualified Telephonic interpreters who have a Bachelors degree and/or formal language training. Prior to employment, all foreign language interpreters are required to undergo a rigorous internal screening process comprised of a skills assessment exam and in-house credentials verification.

Our interpreters have diverse fields of expertise and are familiar with medical, business and legal terminology. They are also well-versed in the contemporary expressions and cultural nuances of the source and target languages.

Using Interp-Via-Tele is fast, easy and compliant. We also offer language recognition assistance for those times when you’re not quite sure of the language spoken by your client.



Interp-Via-Tele Telephone interpreter service can be accessed via dual handset telephones supplied by MEJ, speaker phone enabled telephones or by passing the telephone handset back and fourth.

In addition to connecting to our service via regular telephones clients may now connect directly from their internet ready desktop or laptop computers and software provided by MEJ greatly reduce your cost for delivering Telephonic Interpretation services.

Our teleinterpreting service will Increasing your ability to communicate with non english speaking (LEP) clients ,introduce new products and close more deals.

All while eliminating travel fees associated with on-site interpreting Travel charges and get quick on demand access over the telephone interpreting sessions. Check with our sales representative about cool voice over Ip devices that will enable wireless and hands free operation and compatibility with Interp-via-Tele.




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Once again we focus on customer satisfaction through the establishment of effective communication. After assessing the specific desires of a service request, we will assign only an interpreter who possesses the necessary skills to establish effective communication.

All of our foreign language interpreters are bound by the Interpreter’s Professional Code of Ethics and by M E J’s corporate policies created to observe and protect the client’s confidentiality rights while ensuring that the highest quality of interpreting services is rendered.

We are committed to constructing and maintaining friendly environments for the LEP community. Our management team will work closely with you to develop a cost-effective solution that addresses your needs for foreign language interpretation.

Interp-via-Tele is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and 365 days a year in over 160 languages.


To begin using Interp-via-Tele Over the Phone interpreter, call our (1- 866-418-3836).

M E J currently offers three different account types that vary in price level and usage restriction. The following plans for Interp-via-Tele Telephone Translation access accounts are available: institutional, mid-institutional and personal.

The account types where designed to ensure that large corporations with substantial, continuous demands, small businesses with intermittent needs and private citizens with smaller, individual requests acquire quality interpreting services for a cost-effective price.

Accounts can be set up via telephone, fax or internet. There are no account setup fees. All accounts receive itemized detailed billing/invoicing information that includes the LEP client’s name, the interpreter’s name, the date and time of the assignment, the source and target languages utilized, the duration of the service and the cost. Billing information can be sent via postal or electronic mail. M E J accepts Master Card and Visa for payments.

After setting up an account you will be connected to the interpreter of your choice within minutes. Future telephone interpreting appointments can be scheduled using our on-line interface, fax or telephone 24 hours a day.


MEJ provides you with a professional Telephonic Interpretation to help you communicate quickly and effectively with your clients.


P. S M E J has a well qualified network of interpreters willing to help you with all of your interpreting needs. An account with M E J offers competitive rates, knowledgeable/trained interpreters, and individualized packages that adjust to your needs. So please contact us for price quotes, account setup instructions or any other information.
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